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CABHI: SOAR and IPS Learning Community and Pilot

This page contains documents and information related to the CABHI: SOAR and IPS Learning Community and Pilot, which was held from 2016-2017.

Key Documents


Learning Community Call #1: Identifying SOAR Applicants and Quality Review for SOAR


Key Documents:


Learning Community Call #2: IPS


Key Documents and links:


Resources from States:


Sample Co-occuring Screening Tools from CT:


Learning Community Call #3: SOAR and IPS Integration


Key Documents and links:


Learning Community Call #4: Tracking Outcomes and Evaluation Criteria


Assessment resources from states:


Pilot Check-in Call: June 30th

Pilot Check-in Call: August 4th

Pilot Check-in Call: October 6th



August, 2022

Other Details

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