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June 2024: Pride Month, Submit Outcomes, New SOAR Resources, Community Spotlight, SOAR Tip: Getting Involved with SOAR, SSA Update: Definition of Public Assistance Household

Archived E-Newsletters


May 2024: SOAR Succession Planning, Mental Health Awareness Month, Prepare for Outcome Season, New SOAR Leaders, SOAR Tip: SOAR Works with Employed Applicants; SSA Updates (PRW, ISM)

April 2024: SOAR is for Everyone, Medicaid Waivers for Children, National Minority Health Month, Month of the Military Child, SOAR Tip: SOARWorks for Children, SSA POMS of the Month, Partner Updates

March 2024: SOAR is an Essential Part of the Homeless Response System, Empowering Social Workers to SOAR, New SOAR Leaders, SOAR Tip: SSI Information for Parents and Caregivers, new SSA Service: Appeal Status Checker

February 2024: SOAR and Appointed Representative Services (ARS), Spotlight on Black History Month. SOAR Tip: Requesting an Applicant's Electronic Files, Upcoming Webinar: Strategies and Considerations for Representing Older Adults with SSI/SSDI Claims

January 2024: New SSA Commissioner, SAMHSA's Prevention Day, SOAR Tip: New Year, New Outcomes!, SSA and Partner Updates


December 2023: National Homeless Persons' Memorial Day, SOAR Tip: Navigate and Complete the SOAR Online Course, SSA and Partner Updates

November 2023: SOAR 2023 Outcomes, State Team Lead Leadership Academy, Observing National Homeless Youth Awareness Month;  SOAR Tip: Understanding SSA’s Sequential Evaluation Process.

October 2023: Observing World Homeless Day, Indigenous Peoples Day, and National Disability Employment Month;  SOAR Tip: Functional Information: Making the Link

September 2023: Recovery Month, New SOAR Leaders, SOAR Tip: Completing the SSA-1696, SSA Updates, New HHRC Online Courses

August 2023: New SOAR Resources: Encouraging Employment: Self-Employment and Standard SOAR Process for Completing SSI/SSDI Applications; Interagency Map Application for Native Veterans; SOAR Tip: Setting the Protective Filing Date (PFD)

July 2023: Peer Support Conversation Guide, Outcomes Reminder; Disability Pride Month, SOAR Tip: Using the SSA Listing of Impairments

June 2023: New SOAR Resources: Onboarding Guidance and Standard SOAR Process; Submit Your Outcomes; Pride Month; New SOAR Leaders; SOAR Tip: Collecting Medical Records -- new instructional video

May 2023: New SOAR Resource: Developing SSI/SSDI Applications for Individuals with Long COVID; Mental Health Awareness Month; National Indian Child Welfare Association (NICWA) Annual Conference; SOAR Tip: An Important Reminder Regarding Submission of Form SSA-827

April 2023: SOAR Superheroes!; Month of the Military Child; New SOAR Leaders; SOAR Tip: Providing SOAR Assistance for Someone who Uses Marijuana; NOSSCR's Hearing Format Selection Statement

March 2023: 15,000 Successful SOAR Online Course Completions; New SOAR Resource: Getting Involved with SOAR infographic; National Social Work month; SOAR Tip: Make Connections With SSA and DDS; Redesigned SSA website

February 2023: Share the Love With SOAR for Children; February Spotlights: Appeals, Sharing Our Successes, 2022 White House Tribal Nations Summit Recap; SOAR Tip: Creating and Using a my Social Security Account

January 2023: Frequently Asked Questions for Assisting LGBTQ+ Individuals With SSI/SSDI Applications; Mid-Year Outcomes Reporting Check-In; Disability Determination Services Collaborations: Five Tips for Engagement; SOAR Tip: When a Potential Applicant Is Not SOAR Eligible


December 2022: Celebrate the SAMHSA SOAR 2022 Super Stars!; Recognizing Homeless Persons’ Memorial Day; SOAR Webinar: Documenting Long COVID for Disability Determination; New SOAR Local Leads

November 2022: Over 100,000 Served! SOAR 2022 Outcomes; National Veteran and Military Families Month: SOAR Successes; Social Security Administration Announces National Native American Office; Entering Outcomes Into OAT

October 2022: Fall Into Funding!; Celebrating Indigenous Peoples’ Day; Recognizing Hispanic Heritage Month and Announcing the Release of the Applicant Self-Help Guide in Spanish; Observing Domestic Violence Awareness Month With a SOAR Success; What To Do When You Receive a Denial: Part 3

September 2022: Recovery Through Employment; Farewell to Cindy Schwartz; Meet Our New SOAR Local Leads; What To Do When You Receive a Denial: Part 2

August 2022: Back to School: SOAR for Children; SAMHSA SOAR for American Indian and Alaska Native Communities and the Indian Child Welfare Act; New SOAR Resource on Interviewing Deaf and Hard of Hearing Individuals for the Medical Summary Report

July 2022: Demonstrate SOAR Impact: Submit Your Outcomes; Appreciating Caroline Bolas; BIPOC Mental Health Awareness Month; Healthcare for Homeless Veterans in Las Vegas

June 2022: Celebrating Pride Month; Welcoming New Project Assistant, Alisha Fletcher; May SOAR Leadership Conference Recap

May 2022: Applicant Self-Help Guide: Completing an SSI/SSDI Application, May Is Mental Health Awareness Month: Resources for American Indian and Alaska Native Communities, Mental Health Awareness Month: Alert Systems

April 2022: New Social Security Liaisons Assist Partner Organizations to Help Vulnerable Populations, April Is the Month of the Military Child, and Spring Into Outcomes

March 2022: The Time Is Right for SOAR and Social Work, Collaboration With Ohio’s Department of Developmental Disabilities Leads to SOAR Funding Success, and New Field-Spanning Webinar Series: Equity in Action

February 2022: Remembering Charles H. Houston and the New Deal Exclusion, Connecting SOAR to Urban Indian Programs, and Webinar Materials from the Peer Support Specialist Webinar Now Available

January 2022: New Year, New Look at SOAR Resources, Honoring the Work of Jon Katherine Martins From Emma Norton in Minnesota, and Meet Your New Local Leads


June 2021: Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Resources Overview, May Virtual Leadership Academy Recap, and SSA's Emergency Message for Evaluating COVID-19

May 2021: SOAR Eligibility: Guidance for Identification and Inclusion, SOAR Tools for Native Communities, and SOAR Webinar: Improving Equity and Inclusion in SOAR Programs

April 2021: Tracking Outcomes, Recognizing National Social Security Month by Honoring Mike Nolan, and Pay Equity for Social Workers

March 2021: Celebrating National Social Work Month, February 2021 Virtual Leadership Academy Recap, and Equity in Native American Communities

February 2021: Celebrating Black History Month, Expand Your SOAR Toolbox With Two New Articles, and SOAR Webinar on SSI for Children

January 2021: SAMHSA SOAR New Year’s Resolutions, SOARing With Native Communities: The Year Ahead, and November Virtual SOAR Leadership Academy Recap