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SOAR Employment Conversation Guide

The SOAR Employment Conversation Guide is an excellent tool that can help caseworkers begin those tough, but important conversations about work.

About the Employment Conversation Guide

Starting conversations about work can be intimidating. Knowing what questions to ask and how to respond in different situations are key skills for caseworkers.
The SOAR Employment Conversation Guide is an excellent tool that can help caseworkers begin those tough, but important conversations. The Employment Conversation Guide: Sample Responses document provides potential responses from individuals to the questions asked, and suggestions for how you could respond in return. 
Also check out the SOAR Webinar: Yes, You Can Work which features an explanation of the guides by Len Statham, Director of Employment and Economic Self Sufficiency Initiatives at the New York Association of Psychiatric Rehabilitation Services (NYAPRS).

Purpose of the Guide

  • To begin conversations about work with SSI/SSDI beneficiaries and those applying for benefits.
  • To ensure that the individual is receiving accurate information about employment and returning to work.
  • To engage with an individual and determine their work goals.

Post-Conversation Next Steps

  • Provide the individual with information regarding employment options
  • Provide a warm handoff to an employment support agency
  • Offer the "Yes, You Can Work" Infographic