Recently Asked Questions

Is there a flow chart to follow for assisting with appeals? in Appeals
We don't have a flow chart, but we do have several articles and documents that provide guidance for assisting with Appeals. Be sure to take a look at the "Toolkit for Case Managers: Submitting SSI/SSDI Appeals Using the SOAR Model" found on that page.
My client had been receiving SSI prior to being incarcerated. He is now out of jail and would like me to get his benefits turned back on. He has not had it for 2 years now - do we have to start all over again? in Criminal Justice
For applicants that have received SSI prior to incarceration, a new application must be submitted if the applicant was incarcerated for more than 12 months.
My client had a phone interview with the local SSA office during which they did her application. Am I still able to submit her medical records and MSR to support her claim? Do I need to submit a 1696 to the local office? in Application Process
Yes, you will need to submit the completed SSA-1696: Appointment of Representative form to the local SSA field office. I recommend faxing it and then calling within 1-2 days to confirm that it was received and added to your client's record/claim. Ask the SSA field office if they completed both an...
Is there a process to get SSI benefits reinstated after being released from prison? in Criminal Justice
When SSI recipients are incarcerated for a full calendar month, (e.g., March 1-March 31), their benefits are suspended. If they are released in less than 12 consecutive calendar months, their benefits can be reinstated upon release. They need to bring official release papers from the institution to...