Recently Asked Questions

If someone worked while in prison, is it considered earned income? Should it be listed on the SSI/SSDI application as prior employment? Do you get work credits from it? in Criminal Justice
Employment while incarcerated (with no access to the community) will not appear in an individual's work history with SSA. These earnings are not taxed and will not be counted as earned income when applying for SSI/SSDI. We encourage you to include these jobs as "specialized job training" on...
There is information requested on the forms that is not provided in the notes. Examples - preparer information, applicant work history. Where can I find this information? Should I make something up? in SOAR Online Course
There is no need to make up any details about your fictional applicant. All of the information you need to complete the Practice Case application packet is provided to you. Take care to review all materials available on the Practice Case pages at the end of Classes 1-4. This includes applicant...
How do I assist a client who already has a pending SSI/SSDI application that was submitted without a case manager's assistance? Is it best to fill out ROIs to learn more about the determination or withdraw? in Application Process
The SOAR process can definitely be used to assist applicants with a pending initial or reconsideration level SSI/SSDI claim. To confirm the correct claim level, you will submit the SSA-3288: Consent for Release of Information to the SSA field office. SOAR practitioners are often well positioned to...
Is there a flow chart to follow for assisting with appeals? in Appeals
We don't have a flow chart, but we do have several articles and documents that provide guidance for assisting with Appeals. Be sure to take a look at the "Toolkit for Case Managers: Submitting SSI/SSDI Appeals Using the SOAR Model" found on that page.