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SOAR Webinar: SSA’s Sequential Evaluation- Understanding Step 3 (The Listings) and Step 5 (The Grids)

This webinar, held on January 22, 2020, explored Step 3 and Step 5 of SSA's Sequential Evaluation process -- the only two steps at which an applicant can be found disabled.

Do you remember reading about SSA’s 5- step Sequential Evaluation process when you were taking the SOAR Online Course? If it’s been a while, or even if you recently completed the course, we encourage you to join us for a deeper look into both step 3 (The Listings) and step 5 (The ‘Grids’).
The SSA Sequential Evaluation infographic
Why a webinar about only these two steps in the 5- step process? Well, because these are the only two steps at which an applicant may be found disabled! While the course focuses on step 3, “meeting the Listing,” this webinar will provide guidance on how applicants may alternatively be found disabled at step 5 by applying the appropriate “Grid rule.” The Grid rules are based on the medical-vocational factors of age, education and past relevant work experience.
You’ll hear from a DDS representative and seasoned SOAR practitioners who will share guidance to deepen your understanding of the Listings and Grids. Also, SOAR practitioners will share their tips on how to reference the Listings and Grids in your Medical Summary Reports (MSRs).

What you will learn

  • Why it’s important to understand Step 3 (The Listings) and Step 5 (The Grids) of SSA’s Sequential Evaluation process
  • How SSA’s Listings and Grid rules can be used to inform the Medical Summary Report (MSR)
  • How applying SSA Grid rules can help SOAR applicants who may not meet a Listing(s) of Impairments


  • Meg Retz, Esq., Staff Attorney, Homeless Advocacy Project (HAP), Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
  • Denise Keesee, MS, Community Liaison/Benefits & Eligibility Specialist, Central City Concern/BEST, Portland, Oregon
  • Jennifer Ankton, Disability Adjudication Supervisor, Bureau of Disability Adjudication, Las Vegas, Nevada




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