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SOAR Webinar: SOARing to Employment with SSA Work Incentives and Benefits Planning

On this webinar, held on October 29, 2020, we discussed SSA Work Incentives and other employment resources, busted some myths surrounding working while applying for and receiving benefits, and presented an updated issue brief from the SAMHSA SOAR TA Center.


The SAMHSA SOAR TA Center is proud to take part in the US Department of Labor’s National Disability Employment Awareness Month (NJDEAM). Held each October, NDEAM aims to educate about disability employment issues and celebrate the many and varied contributions of America's workers with disabilities. This year is special because it coincides with celebrating 30 years of the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) and 75 years of NDEAM.

On this webinar, the SAMHSA SOAR TA Center, SOAR providers, SSA work incentive experts, and a SOAR beneficiary will share some myth-busting information about working while applying for and receiving SSA benefits. Presenters will provide basic information on SSA work incentives and how to access employment resources available to applicants and beneficiaries in their communities. You will hear from a local SOAR provider who will share their experience providing SOAR and employment supports in the community.  We will also share our revised issue brief, "SOAR and Employment for SSI/SSDI Beneficiaries," as well as other employment-related tools and resources.


  • John E. Marshall, SSA Area Work Incentive Coordinator & Homeless/SOAR Coordinator, Social Security Administration, Chicago, Illinois 
  • Lucy Miller, Director of Technical Assistance, VCU National Training and Data Center (NTDC), Richmond, Virginia
  • Byron J. Kish, Esq., Director of Disability Benefits Services (DBS) & SOAR State Team Lead, Easter Seals Colorado, Lakewood, Colorado
  • Pablo Sandoval, MS, Senior Director of Employment Services/Certified IPS Trainer/Community Partner Work Incentives Counselor (CPWIC), Easter Seals Colorado, Lakewood, Colorado
  • SOAR Beneficiary, Colorado




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October, 2020

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