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Online Application Tracking (OAT) System Frequently Asked Questions

Find the answers to your most commonly asked questions about OAT!

Online Application Tracking (OAT) FAQs

OAT Access

Q: How can I access OAT?

Click here to access the OAT program

Q: I forgot my password. How can I retrieve it?

Click “Forgot Password” (found on the login page of the OAT website), enter the email address that you used to register into OAT, and submit.  You will receive an email with a temporary password and a link to update your password. Create a new password and confirm.  Login to OAT with your email username and your newly created password.

Q: Can I still use OAT if I have not completed the SOAR training?

A:  All OAT users that are expected to complete applications must be SOAR trained in order to gain access to the system. If your role does not require that you complete SOAR applications but you will be supervising those that will be completing applications, you can also have access to OAT. However, your registration will need to be approved by the SOAR TA Center.

Q: Can I still use OAT when my state uses another tracking resource to track outcomes?

The SOAR TA Center encourages SOAR providers to use the tracking resources supported by their State Team Lead. Other tracking resources include HMIS or excel spreadsheets.

Q: How does a Local Lead access additional counties to their catchment area?

Once your registration is confirmed, please send an email to with a request for assistance. The OAT administrator will grant you access to the counties/cities in your catchment area.

Correct a completed entry

Q: Who should I contact if I need OAT data entry corrected?

Edits that can not be corrected by the user can be edited by contacting the OAT administrator at

Q:­What happens if a SOAR caseworker leaves the agency with pending OAT entries - can pending entries be reassigned?

Cases can be reassigned to staff members within the same agency only. Please contact the OAT administrator at

Application types

Q: What is the difference between a “Pending” entry and a “New” entry?

An entry that is “New” is one in which the SOAR provider has entered demographic information but has not selected an application type.  For entries that are “Pending”, an application type has been selected but there is no date of decision. The number of “New” and “Pending” entries can be found on your dashboard.

Q: What is a Non-SOAR claim?

A claim is considered Non-SOAR when no critical components of the SOAR model are used to assist with the application. For instance, when a SOAR provider knows that the applicant will not meet the eligibility requirements (i.e., the applicant has resources that exceed the requirements; does not have a disabling condition that will last 12 months or more; is currently working over SGA, etc.) and NONE of the critical components of the SOAR model are used for the application, the case is considered Non-SOAR. The OAT system will allow you to track the outcomes of these cases for your records. Non-SOAR cases will not be included in the National Annual Report

If you have additional questions about Non-SOAR entries, please contact your SAMHSA SOAR TA Center liaison before you make a Non-SOAR entry into OAT.

Entering Data

Q: Can I start an entry and finish it later? Do cases have to be entered into OAT every day? 

SOAR providers can begin an entry and complete it at a later time. We encourage SOAR providers to keep their OAT entries updated regularly so that the task is easier to manage. Many SOAR providers wait until a decision has been received before creating/entering a case.

Q: Can I use the same ApID for different applicants?

No. ApIDs cannot be used more than once. Each ApID is unique to the applicant and should be recorded in the applicant’s hard-copy file.  The OAT administrator does not have access to any identifying information and will need the ApID to address any questions or make edits to the entry.

Still have questions? Contact the OAT Administrator at