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SOAR Empowers and Enhances Communities

This infographic illustrates how SOAR makes an impact at the local level.

SOAR Empowers Local Communities

  • SOAR Collaborates with Communities to Develop Customized Technical Assistance Events
  • SOAR Develops Local Leaders Through the Leadership Academy Model
  • SOAR Works with Local Communities to Develop Funding and Sustainability Plans or Long-Term Success

SOAR Scales Federal Resources to Enhance Communities

  • The SOAR Online Courses Provide Standardized Training Enhanced by Individualized Feedback
  • The SOAR Online Application Tracking Tool Tracks OAT National Outcomes to Demonstrate Local Impact
  • The SAMHSA SOAR TA Center Works in Collaboration with Federal and National Agencies on Efforts to End Homelessness

Image of SOAR Impact - Empowering Communities Infographic


Image of SOAR Impact - Empowering Communities Infographic - Page 2



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