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Please select your state to view information and contacts for SOAR in your state. While there is SOAR activity in every state, there are not SOAR services available in every community.

State Information

Washington SOAR State Team

State Team Lead(s):

  • Wanda Johns
    Phone: 360-725-1947

  • Darla Johnson
    Phone: 509-202-7065

TA Center Liaison:

  • Kristin Lupfer
    Phone: (518) 439-7415 x5262

SOARing in Washington

The “SOAR Across Washington” initiative is sponsored by the Division of Behavioral Health and Recovery (DBHR) and partners with the Community Services Division in the Washington Department of Social and Health Services. 

The SOAR Across Washington initiative is a multi-agency effort at both the state and local level. It includes collaboration with Region 10 of the Social Security Administration as well as staff in the local SSA offices, the DSHS Disability Determination Service staff, DSHS Community Service Office staff, service providers for adults experiencing homelessness, local government, and behavioral health and medical providers. All of the Washington PATH programs have SOAR-trained staff.  

The goals of “SOAR Across Washington” include:

  • Serve as a leader in developing high-quality SOAR applications;
  • Educate stakeholders across the state and secure support for SOAR implementation;
  • Work closely with local and regional planning teams to implement SOAR and to ensure the quality and consistency across the state that will allow approval on first application;
  • Build on the foundation of strong supportive relationships with SSA and DDS, and encourage participation in local steering committees and training sessions;
  • Increase the number of SOAR trained and certified staff committed to maintaining fidelity to the SOAR model and providing the intensive work to develop a complete application;
  • Increase the number of successful SSI/SSDI claims approved on initial application, and decrease waiting times for claims to be adjudicated;
  • Collect data on SOAR applications through the SOAR Online Application Tracking (OAT) system.
  • Assist local communities with developing strategies for funding ongoing sustainability and growth.  

Please see the Washington SOAR Process document in the State Documents tab.

In several communities across the state, Local Leads are working with steering committees to implement SOAR. For more information about the Local Leads and the efforts in local communities, please see the contacts listed here.

    Local Leads:

    • Leigh Anne Adkins
      Walla Walla, WA
      Phone: 509-529-4980

    • Dawna Bryant
      Clallam County, WA
      Phone: 360-327-8329

    • Veronica Castaneda
      Yakima, WA
      Phone: 509-945-8165

    • Tonie Clemons
      Spokane, WA
      Phone: 509-462-9096

    • Tammy Giauque
      Lacey, WA
      Phone: 360-485-2245

    • Tiffany Hayes
      Vancouver, WA
      Phone: 360-852-0154

    • Teranejah Lucas
      Tacoma, WA
      Phone: 253-396-5055

    • Yalonda Misiaszek
      Nespelem, WA
      Phone: 509-634-2399

    • Lisa Quinn-Hulley
      Bremerton, WA
      Phone: 360-373-5031 xx3561

    • Julia Reardon
      Everett, WA
      Phone: 425-599-3973

    • Sara Smith
      Olympia, WA
      Phone: 360-338-3747 xx130

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