Description of Project

The SOAR effort in Nebraska is a statewide initiative. The goal is to increase access to the disability income benefit administered by the Social Security Administration for eligible adults who are homeless, or who are at risk of homelessness, and have a mental illness and/or a co-occurring substance use disorder.  
In Nebraska, each CoC region is given the opportunity to select one community agency to be eligible to receive a small amount of Nebraska Homeless Assistance Program (NHAP) grant funding for SOAR activities. To obtain SOAR funding, the local community agency identified by the CoC region must complete an annual SOAR application. Currently six local community agencies of Nebraska’s seven HUD-designated geographic regions receive a small grant to help defray the cost for providing SOAR services for individuals meeting the definition of ‘homeless’ or ‘at risk of homelessness’ who have a mental illness or co-occurring mental illness and substance abuse disorder.
These agencies are:
Region 1 (Panhandle) – TBD
Region 2 (North Central Nebraska) – Central Nebraska Community Services
Lisa Calloway
Loup City, NE
Phone: 308-745-0780
Region 3 (South Central Nebraska) - Community Action Partnership of Mid-Nebraska
Brenda Wommer
Kearney, NE
Phone: 308-865-5675 x105
Region 4 (Southeast Nebraska) – Blue Valley Community Action Partnership
Teresa Sammartano
Fairbury, NE
Phone: 402-729-2278 x147
Region 5 (Northeast Nebraska) – Care Corps
Taylor Kucera
Fremont NE
Phone: 402-721-3125
Region 6 (Lincoln) – CenterPointe
Michelle Miklos
Lincoln, NE
Phone: 402-475-5161 
Region 7 (Omaha) – Community Alliance Rehabilitation Services
Annette Nebbia
Omaha, NE
Phone: 402-341-5128 

Expectations of Participation in SOAR

In order to be eligible to submit SOAR applications in Nebraska, all providers need to complete the SOAR Online Course. Prior to commencing the on-line curriculum, it is recommended that individuals first contact the local lead agency within their region, thereby allowing them to become integrated into the SOAR team efforts within the region they reside.    
The SOAR Online Course takes approximately 20 hours to complete. Benefits to completing the online SOAR course include:
  • No cost;
  • In-depth, provides step-by-step details of SSA’s disability determination process and SSI/SSDI application forms;
  • Learn at your own pace;
  • Templates for materials needs to set up administering the SOAR service
  • Opportunity to do a practice case with technical assistance and feedback from the SOAR TA Center
  • 20 CEUs from NASW upon successful completion.
Upon completion, SOAR case managers/representatives must commit to the following:
  • Honor the requirement of submitting/assisting with a minimum of four SOAR claims per year using the full SOAR model;
  • Track outcomes of applications (# of applications submitted, decisions, time periods, etc.) for all adults served under this initiative;
  • Not charge a fee for services when filling SSI/SSDI applications under SOAR:
  • Actively assist eligible applicants, apply for SSI or SSDI, maintain contact, and act as their representative.
There is also a host of information on this website for use in your SOAR case management, including means to request information and technical support, links to SOAR webinars and SOAR updates. Check it out by clicking on the Library & Tools tab on the SOAR website.