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  • SOAR Referral Process Workflow Toolkit

    This toolkit will help you to develop a SOAR referral process for your community or agency that helps ensure that potentially eligible individuals are connected with SOAR-trained providers that are available to assist.

  • SOAR Process Intercepts Infographic

    SOAR Leaders can use the SOAR Process Intercepts Infographic when marketing SOAR to new audiences or to identify areas for engaging new stakeholders.

  • Creating a my Social Security Account for Applicants

    When assisting an individual with completing and electronically signing an Online Disability Benefit Application the applicant will need to create a my Social Security account. The SAMHSA SOAR TA Center has developed guidance for SOAR providers.

  • Implementing State and Local SOAR Initiatives

    State and Local Leads spearhead and coordinate the implementation of SOAR initiatives. These leaders identify and engage stakeholders to participate in steering committees whose goal is to create and implement a SOAR action plan and process for adult SSI/SSDI and/or child SSI application submission. These committees meet regularly to collaborate, report on progress, and troubleshoot challenges.