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How do you organize the paperwork for an application while in process?


How do you organize the paperwork for an application while in process?


  • We recommend creating a case-file folder for each applicant, specifically for SSA and SOAR paperwork. It is helpful if this folder has separate sections to organize your material. While you are gathering information for the application, you can store your interview notes, signed agency releases of information used to gather medical records, and any medical records or collateral information you have gathered. You can also store any completed SSA forms or worksheets in this folder. As you gather medical records, it is helpful to read through them and fill out the paper SSA-3368 Adult Disability Report as a worksheet with the key information from the records.

    It may also be helpful to write a short summary of the medical records from each treatment provider as you gather them and include this in the folder. This will save time when you start to write your Medical Summary Report (MSR), as you can utilize the information from the summaries rather than re-reading the medical records. Additionally, your interview notes from the folder will be beneficial to use as a basis for your MSR.

    When you are ready to submit the SSI/SSDI application, the folder will contain all the information you need to complete the disability application. Once you’ve submitted the application, place copies of the online application receipt, paper forms submitted to the SSA office (SSA-1696 and SSA-8000), and a copy of your MSR in the folder. Finally, once you receive the decision letter from SSA, include this in the folder for your records and store the information according to your agency guidelines.