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SOAR Webinar: Using Medical Records and Listings for Quality SOAR Applications

The second webinar in our "Completing Quality SOAR Applications" series was held on June 27, 2018 and focused on how to optimize medical records collection and approach SSA’s Listings of Impairments for expediting your SOAR claim.


This webinar featured two SOAR providers and one DDS supervisor who shared the results of one SOAR claim which moved quickly through the initial determination process. What was the secret to their success? Tune in to hear more about their winning strategy! Here’s a hint: Good organization and communication!


  • Kate Baasch, MA ATR-BC, LPC, Senior Clinical Case Manager, Miriam's Kitchen, Washington DC
  • Angela Owczarek, Senior Case Manager, Miriam's Kitchen, Washington DC
  • Jennifer Forde, DDS DH and QA Unit Supervisor, DDS, Washington DC


*A Note about Electronic Records Express (ERE):

Since ERE is state-specific, we recommend contacting one of the following resources to learn more:
  1. ERE Help Desk: Call toll-free 1-866-691-3061 or e-mail 




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