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Ending Youth Homelessness: Using SOAR to Increase Access to SSA Disability Benefits for Transition Age Youth

This issue brief, developed by the SOAR TA Center, discusses how SOAR’s intensive engagement process and holistic approach to applying for SSI and SSDI can benefit the vulnerable and difficult-to-serve population of transition age youth.

Issue Brief Overview

Transition age youth, defined as individuals between the ages of 16 and 25, who are experiencing or at risk of homelessness can be one of the most challenging populations to serve. The SOAR process works to provide complete applications that accurately depict a transition-age youth’s disabilities, conditions, and functional limitations. By utilizing SOAR, caseworkers can assist youth in obtaining or retaining the benefits that will allow them continued progress toward recovery and a stable future.

Update: SSA will accept an SSI application from a youth up to 180 days before his or her foster care eligibility will end due to age.