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Collecting Medical Evidence: Completing Form SSA-827

Completing the SSA-827 allows SOAR case managers to obtain the applicant’s medical records, in order to verify that they meet the medical eligibility criteria for SSI/SSDI.

SSA-827: Authorization to Disclose Information to SSA

By starting the medical evidence collection process at this early stage, SOAR case managers are able to collect medical evidence while working on other aspects of the application, and will have time to schedule any necessary exams. Here are some tips for completing the SSA-827: Authorization to Disclose Information to SSA (PDF).

Completing the SSA-827

  • At the top right-hand side of the form, fill in the applicant’s name, Social Security number, and date of birth.
  • You may notice a statement on the form that says that this authorization excludes psychotherapy notes. This type of documentation is different than case manager or physician progress notes. You will be able to obtain standard progress notes using the SSA-827.
  • In the "Purpose" section of the form, there is a box marked “Determining if I am capable of managing benefits ONLY.” Since we are using this form for the purpose of establishing eligibility for benefits, do not check this box when filing SSI/SSDI applications.
  • The applicant will sign at the bottom of the form as the “Individual authorizing disclosure."
  • The section to the right of the applicant's signature (to "specify basis for authority to sign") should be left blank unless the applicant is unable to sign the form and someone else must do so on their behalf (i.e., applicant is a child).
  • Below the applicant’s signature, date the form and fill in an address for the applicant. If the individual is experiencing homelessness, you can use your agency address or wherever the applicant feels comfortable receiving mail.
  • Below this address, the case manager will sign as a witness and include a phone number.

Note: When filing the SSI/SSDI application online, the applicant will be prompted to electronically sign a Medical Release (i.e., electronic version of SSA-827). We recommend completing this online version whenever possible and delivering an original signed paper SSA-827 to your local SSA field office with your complete SOAR application packet. When completing the online medical release form (e827), be sure that the applicant is present with you and clicks to “sign” the e827.

See a sample completed SSA-827 here.