SSA Application Forms

Below you will find in-depth information on some of the SSA Disability Application Forms.  To access the forms themselves, click here.

SSA Application Forms


The Function Report (SSA-3373) helps DDS to obtain information about how an applicant’s illness(es) and condition(s) affect their ability to function and perform everyday tasks.

Online access to SOAR applicants’ electronic folders or eFolders (EFs) is now available for Appointed Representatives with ALJ hearing and Appeals Council level cases. 

Here is guidance on assisting beneficiaries with completing the SSA-455: Disability Update Report.

To be appointed as the applicant’s representative, the case manager must complete the SSA-1696: Appointment of Representative form. Here are a few tips for filling out the SSA-1696.

Here are step-by-step instructions for completing the SSA e-1696: Appointment of Representative.

This article takes you step-by-step through the Online Adult Disability Report, the online version of SSA-3368.

The Social Security Administration (SSA) sends out automatic letters to applicants during the SSI/SSDI Application Process. We will cover two of these letters in this article: the protective filing date closeout notice and the SSDI denial notice. To prevent unnecessary distress for applicants, we recommend letting applicants know that they may receive these notices shortly after applying.

In the SOAR process, the case manager serves as the applicant’s appointed representative and becomes the “go-to” person for SSA when the applicant is unavailable.

SSDI is an insurance program. Therefore, no information about living arrangement or resources is required. Instead, the SSDI application will ask questions about past earnings and entitlement to other benefits. People over 18 years of age who have worked and contributed to the Social Security Trust or others who became disabled before the age of 22 whose parent is deceased or receiving retirement or disability benefits may be eligible.

The SSA-3368: Adult Disability Report helps DDS to obtain a complete picture of the applicant’s medical history and treatment. Complete information is essential. Be sure to include all information available to you.

The Work History Report (SSA-3369) helps Disability Determination Services (DDS) to obtain detailed vocational information about the jobs the applicant held in the 15 years prior to becoming unable to work due to his or her illnesses, injuries, or conditions.

Part 2 of the SSA-8000 gathers information about the applicant’s living arrangement. Relevant questions are 19 through 38 (pages 6 – 10) of the SSA-8000.

SSI was established as a benefit program for aged, blind, or disabled people determined to have low income and limited resources. Financial eligibility criteria for SSI have been established by statute. SSA rules and policies ensure that the applicant meets the income and resource standards before DDS determines whether the applicant meets the disability standard.

Income is covered in Part 4, questions 50-57, of the SSA-8000. All income must be mentioned.

Part 5 concludes the necessary non-medical information. It inquires about whether the person receives food stamps or has other sources of income, including pensions. Also, it requires applicants to provide information that can help the state identify other sources that can pay for medical care.

The SSA-8000 is the form used by the Social Security Administration (SSA) to gather all the non-medical information for the SSI application.

The SSA-8001 is an abbreviated version of the SSA-8000: Application for Supplemental Security Income. While we discourage the use of the SSA-8001 in the SOAR model, this article contains helpful guidance for how to complete this form.

The Social Security Administration (SSA) may ask the applicant to complete an SSA-821 Work Activity Report if he/she continued to work after the alleged date of onset. This article provides additional information and tips for assisting applicants with this form. 

Applicants can now file for Supplemental Security Income (SSI) online, but only if they meet certain requirements. 

VA federal staff may act as an applicant’s Appointed Representative, using the Social Security Administration (SSA) Form 1696.


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