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Health Care


Helping individuals enroll in Medicaid or coverage through the Health Insurance Marketplace has never been easier. By assisting with the application, consumers are able to gain access to timely preventative care and providers are able to recoup costs from previously uncompensated care.

Here are a number of resources for professionals as well as for individuals with brain injuries and their families. This information was compiled by Anastasia Edmonston MS CRC., TBI and Person Centered Planning Trainer, Maryland Behavioral Health Administration 2015*, and additional resources have been added as they have become available.

Both SSA disability programs have health insurance programs associated with them. For SSI it is Medicaid; for SSDI it is Medicare which begins two years after the date of eligibility. Establishing eligibility for SSI or SSDI can be key to connecting with Medicaid or Medicare health insurance. 

Recipients of SSDI are eligible for Medicare two years after their SSDI eligibility began. This article provides an overview of programs that can assist with expenses associated with Medicare.

The SOAR curriculum focuses on individuals with mental illness and co-occurring disorders. However, SOAR critical components can also be used effectively for adults who have HIV/AIDS.  Here is additional information that will be helpful when assisting this population.

Children who have HIV/AIDS often have multiple disabling conditions, such as serious mental illnesses, cognitive disorders, and other chronic physical health conditions. SSA disability benefits provide income and health insurance, making it possible for many to gain access to housing, treatment and other supports.


SOAR TA Center Director, Kristin Lupfer, was featured on this webinar presented by HUD's Office of Special Needs Assistance (SNAPs) and Office of HIV/AIDS Housing (OHH).

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