Description of Project

To learn more about SOAR Ohio and how to become SOAR certified please visit or reach out to the State Lead listed above to learn more and discuss next steps.

Expectations of Participation in SOAR

Click here to see the Ohio Certification Process. You can also access it under the "Documents" tab. 
A SOAR Ohio Adult Online Course Review Session will be offered to those individuals who have successfully completed the National SOAR Online Course: Adult Curriculum. This training will provide policy specifics for Ohio SSA and DDS, review of the online course with hands-on skill set activities, and quality claims submission with the focus on fidelity to the SOAR model. Certificate provided at the end of the training with access to the DDS Expedited Homelessness Unit. This training is by invitation only with SOAR Online Course completed two weeks prior to the scheduled training date.
Below are 2020 dates for Ohio Online Course Review Sessions as described above, as well as other in-person and web-based learning opportunities.
1/8/20 - SOAR Ohio Adult Certification
1/22/20 - SOAR TA Webinar
2/4/20 - SOAR TA Webinar
2/7/20 - SOAR Ohio Qtr. Mtg.
3/10/20 - SOAR TA Webinar
4/3/20 - SOAR Ohio Qtr. Mtg.
4/15/20 -  SOAR Ohio Adult Certification
5/12/20 - SOAR TA Webinar
6/5/20 - SOAR Ohio Qtr. Mtg.
6/9/20 - SOAR TA Webinar
7/8/20 - SOAR Ohio Adult Certification
8/20/20 - SOAR Ohio Webinar
9/10/20 - SOAR Ohio Qtr. Mtg.
10/9/20 - SOAR Ohio Adult Certification