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New Jersey

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State Information

New Jersey SOAR State Team

State Team Lead(s):

TA Center Liaison: Pam Heine
Phone: (518) 439-7415 x5228

SOARing in New Jersey

County-Based SOAR Initiatives

Atlantic County/Jewish Family Services (JFS)

  • JFS has one SOAR dedicated staff member.
  • In Atlantic County, annual SOAR training is held and open to various social service providers including Atlantic County Board of Social Services, various partial care programs, Mental Health Association and JFS.
  • All Project for Assistance in Transition from Homelessness (PATH) and traditional Supportive Housing staff at JFS of Atlantic County are required to attend training.
  • Ann Thoresen Program Director, Atlantic Homeless Alliance is a SOAR trainer for the state of NJ. 

Mercer County SOAR Program

  • A community collaborative of agencies with a focus on developing capacity to make the SOAR process available to all individuals who are homeless and potentially eligible for SSI/SSDI. The project sees SSI income as a building block to permanent housing.
  • There is a Steering Committee with membership of the Director of the Mercer County Office of the Social Security Administration, the Mercer Alliance to End Homelessness, Greater Trenton Behavioral Health, and Family Guidance, the agencies who employ Case-managers doing applications, the Mercer County Department of Human Services and Mercer County Board of Social Services. Their role is to oversee the project and trouble shoot problems that occur with the inter-agency nature of the work. Steering Committee Chair: Ann Dorocki, Mercer County Department of Human Services, 609-989-6826
  • There are 2 full time Case-managers who work on SOAR applications:
    • Greater Trenton Behavioral HealthCare, Ewing, NJ; Contact: Andrea Raza 609-583-1900
    • Family Guidance Center, Princeton, NJ; Contact: Diane Hirko, 609-924-2098 *11

Middlesex County

  • Coordinated regional SOAR initiative with SOAR dedicated staff

Essex County

  • SOAR dedicated staff member at Project Live

Local Leads

Henry Busby
New Brunsvick, NJ
Phone: 732-745-5918 

LaShaunda Carter
Cherry Hill, NJ
Phone: 856-676-9803 

Liseberde Colon-Blacknall
Newark, NJ
Phone: 646-812-0068 

Marisol Curtis
New Brunswick, NJ

Alberto DeLeon
Hackensack, NJ
Phone: 201-296-6008 

Ann Dorocki
Trenton, NJ
Phone: 609-989-6826 

Tanisha Ginlock
Newark, NJ
Phone: 973-481-1211 

Diane Hirko
Trenton, NJ
Phone: 609-394-8847 x3532

Luisa  Marquez
Rochelle Park, NJ
Phone: 201-368-4300 

Colleen Smith
Newark, NJ
Phone: 973-733-5180 

Roberta-Joy Taylor
Rio Grande, NJ
Phone: 609-886-6200 x2205

Trinay Thomas
New Brunswick, NJ
Phone: 973-699-1340 

Ann Thoresen
Margate City, NJ
Phone: 609-822-1108 x301

Debra Underwood
Newark, NJ
Phone: 973-481-1211 


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