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SOAR is available in all 50 states and D.C. Please select your state to view information or find SOAR assistance for your state.

State Information

Indiana SOAR State Team

State Team Lead(s):
Jenna Ward
Phone: 317-460-6983

TA Center Liaison: Sametra Polkah-Toe
Phone: (518) 439-7415

SOARing in Indiana

Indiana has trained 3 Local Leaders who are located in the following areas: Indianapolis and Jeffersonville. Please see their contact information listed here. Several areas around Indiana have active SOAR programs, e.g.) Bloomington, Lafayette, Fort Wayne, Northwest Indiana and Evansville.

Expectations of Participation in SOAR

When completing SOAR cases, caseworkers are expected to:

  • Serve as the Appointed Representative throughout the application process.
  • Collect all medical records for treatment received in previous years.
  • Waive any fees associated with serving as Appointed Representative or for assistance with the application process or collection of medical records.
  • Write a comprehensive Medical Summary Report that highlights the applicant’s functional impairment through the document of his or her personal, medical, and work history.
  • Track applications and outcomes including approval/denials and time to decision from application submission to receipt of SSA’s decision.

Outcomes Tracking

Caseworkers are expected to register in Online Application Tracking (OAT), and upon receipt of a final decision all cases are to be recorded in the OAT system. Only data regarding cases where SOAR critical components were used are to be recorded.

Local Leads

Teshezia George
Gary, IN

Etha Lasenby
Gary, IN
Phone: 219-806-3016 

Melissa Ryan
Jeffersonville, IN
Phone: 812-206-1478 

Elaine  Trepanier
Indianapolis, IN
Phone: 812-345-9842 


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