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Please select your state to view information and contacts for SOAR in your state. While there is SOAR activity in every state, there are not SOAR services available in every community.

State Information

California SOAR State Team

TA Center Liaison:

  • Dan Coladonato
    Phone: (518) 439-7415 x5241

SOARing in California

SSI/SSDI Outreach, Access, and Recovery (SOAR) is a model designed to increase access to Social Security disability benefits for individuals who are experiencing or at risk of homelessness and have a disabling mental health condition, a physical disability, or a co-occurring disorder. 

If you would like more information about SOAR, if you are interested in getting involved with SOAR in California, or if your agency or community is currently using the SOAR model to assist with SSI and/or SSDI applications and need additional technical assistance, please contact Dan Coladonato, the SAMHSA SOAR TA Center Liaison to California, at 

Expectations of Participation in SOAR

California utilizes the SOAR Online Course to train service providers to utilize the SOAR model to assist with SSI/SSDI applications for adults and SSI applications for children. The SOAR Online Course, which is administered by the SAMHSA SOAR TA Center, is provided at no cost, is self-paced, and can be started at any time. Before beginning the SOAR Online Course, it is recommended that service providers and their supervisors review the “Getting Involved with SOAR” document. 

Outcomes Tracking

SOAR-trained service providers in California utilize the SOAR Online Application Tracking (OAT) system to track SOAR outcomes statewide. If you are already SOAR-trained in California, please register for an OAT account and track your SOAR-assisted SSI and/or SSDI outcomes in this system.  

Local Leads:

  • Shawndrea Bronson
    Long Beach, CA
    Phone: 213-610-1196

  • Deborah Dunham
    Coalinga, CA
    Phone: 559-934-8594

  • Joanne Evans
    Roseville, CA
    Phone: 916-787-8891

  • Joscelyne Gonzalez
    Santa Maria, CA
    Phone: 805-803-9633

  • Maruja Kaignavongsa
    San Diego, CA
    Phone: 619-817-6512

  • Alex Lambrous
    Santa Barbara, CA
    Phone: 805-364-4323

  • Miyoko Oaks
    Napa, CA
    Phone: 707-254-2538

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