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Please select your state to view information and contacts for SOAR in your state. While there is SOAR activity in every state, there are not SOAR services available in every community.

State Information

Arizona SOAR State Team

State Team Lead(s):

  • Cristina Benitez

TA Center Liaison:

  • Dan Coladonato
    Phone: (518) 439-7415 x5241

SOARing in Arizona

SOAR is a national program designed to assist with the completion of SSI/SSDI applications for individuals experiencing or at risk of homelessness who have a disabling mental health condition, medical impairment, or co-occurring substance use disorder. Anyone can become SOAR trained to learn the model and educate themselves about the Social Security disability review process. It is hoped that if case workers become SOAR-trained, they will implement the SOAR model in direct practice settings on a need-to or full-time basis. Additional training and support are available for full-time SOAR case workers.

Questions, comments, or recommendations?  Please contact the Arizona SOAR State Team Lead or the SOAR TA Center Liaison (contact information above).

Expectations of Participation in SOAR

Arizona SOAR looks like this:

  • Complete the SOAR Online Course to become “SOAR certified” (it’s free!)
  • Any case worker who completes the SOAR Online Course can attend local steering committee meetings where they are available (contact your State Team Lead, Local Lead, or SOAR TA Center Liaison for more info)
  • Case workers completing SOAR applications on a regular or full-time basis can attend refresher training for further support (contact your State Lead, Local Lead, or SOAR TA Center Liaison for more info)

Outcomes Tracking

SOAR-trained service providers in Arizona utilize the SOAR Online Application Tracking (OAT) system to track SOAR outcomes statewide. If you are already SOAR-trained in Arizona, please register an OAT account and track your SOAR-assisted SSI and/or SSDI outcomes in this system. 

Local Leads:

  • Lori Kiefer
    Tucson, AZ

  • William B. McGruder
    Phoenix, AZ
    Phone: 602-834-8731 xx207

  • Cecilia Moore
    Tucson, AZ
    Phone: 520-262-0431

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