Current course:  SSI/SSDI Outreach, Access, and Recovery (SOAR) Online Course: Adult Curriculum

Welcome to the SOAR Online Course Practice Case!

Let's meet your applicant...

Your name is “Kristin Smith" from XYZ Community Mental Health Center
and you are assisting "Michael Byrnes" to apply for SSI/SSDI.
You will learn more about Michael on the Practice Case pages 
at the end of each class, designated by a briefcase icon Image of briefcase.
To get started, follow the instructions provided in the "Tasks for this Class" box.
Tasks for this Class:
  1. Save the documents found below in "Practice Case Materials"

    • Four "Guides"/"Tips": these will help you proceed successfully through the Practice Case.
    • Medical Summary Report Template
    • Five SSA Forms: Right-click on each form, choose "Save Target/Link As" and save to YOUR computer
  2. Learn about your applicant ​​

    • View the Interview Video - take notes on what you observe. Come back to this page at any time to view the video again.

Meet Your Client

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Your Practice Case Application Packet: