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  • SOAR and Employment for SSI/SSDI Beneficiaries

    This issue brief, developed by the SAMHSA SOAR TA Center, describes: the misconceptions about employment and loss of disability benefits; how earned income from employment affects SSI/SSDI benefits and Medicare/Medicaid coverage; the employment resources and work incentives offered by SSA to current SSI/SSDI beneficiaries; and the role SOAR programs can play in connecting individuals to employment resources.

    Issue Brief
    Jul, 2013
  • Finding Employment Services for People Experiencing Homelessness

    Many employment services are federal programs that are available in most cities and some rural areas. Other services are only available locally. The following is a general set of guidelines to learn about available employment services in your area. Employment services are often designated for specific eligibility groups. Follow up with local contacts to confirm what services they provide and who is eligible.

    Feb, 2016
  • SOAR Employment Conversation Guide

    The SOAR Employment Conversation Guide is an excellent tool that can help caseworkers begin those tough, but important conversations about work.

    Dec, 2016