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  • SOAR Referral Process Workflow Toolkit

    This toolkit will help you to develop a SOAR referral process for your community or agency that helps ensure that potentially eligible individuals are connected with SOAR-trained providers that are available to assist.

  • SOAR Process Intercepts Infographic

    SOAR Leaders can use the SOAR Process Intercepts Infographic when marketing SOAR to new audiences or to identify areas for engaging new stakeholders.

  • Creating a my Social Security Account for Applicants

    When assisting an individual with completing and electronically signing an Online Disability Benefit Application the applicant will need to create a my Social Security account. The SAMHSA SOAR TA Center has developed guidance for SOAR providers.

  • Integrating SOAR into Social Work Education

    This issue brief provides guidance on how community agencies and local colleges/universities can collaborate to develop partnerships that integrate SOAR within the social work learning process.

    Issue Brief
  • Identifying Possible Special Medical Vocational Profiles

    In an effort to better identify appropriate SOAR claimants, identifying claims which are more likely to have a favorable outcome is paramount. Social Security has developed Special Medical Vocational Profiles, which are rare combinations of adversities that combine, along with impairments, to result in a finding of disabled.