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The physician in my clinic refuses to read or sign my Medical Summary Report. What do I do?


The physician in my clinic refuses to read or sign my Medical Summary Report. What do I do?


  • It is unfortunate when we run across physicians who are unwilling to help people access the benefits that they are entitled to, although it is a common problem.  Many doctors will say that they have not seen a person enough to support a report such as the MSR.  Sometimes doctors on ACT (Assertive Community Treatment) teams or in PSR (Psychosocial Rehab) programs may be willing to co-sign reports. When you can’t find a doctor to cosign the report, we recommend you submit the MSR as collateral information along with the medical records that you have collected that document the diagnostic information from a physician.  

    You may want to find out why they are refusing to sign the report. Is it because they feel they don't know enough to sign it?  Or that it wasn't written by them so they don't want to sign it?  Are there other reasons?  One of the things we find is that the doctors often misunderstand what we are asking them to do. They believe that, by signing the report, they are "approving" the person for disability benefits. DDS makes that decision. What they're doing is simply attesting that the information contained in this report is true. It's fine if they even write a statement that they believe the information in this report is true. 

    You might remind the doctor and the clinic/hospital that when someone is approved for SSI/SSDI they are also going to be eligible for Medicaid/Medicare which means retroactive reimbursement for services provided and ongoing payment for treatment and services in the future.  

    One SOAR program contacted the state medical association for the names of retired physicians and asked if anyone was willing to do one assessment pro-bono.  It was fairly successful.