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How can you expedite an ALJ hearing?


How can you expedite an ALJ hearing?


  • To help expedite a hearing, the applicant or their representative can submit a letter of "dire need" to the Office of Hearing Operations (OHO).  The letter should describe the applicant's conditions, how they have worsened since the reconsideration was filed, and why they will worsen still if they are not granted an expedited hearing. You need to explain how the applicant is unable to get shelter, medical care, and/or food. Be as specific as possible and provide examples of the applicant's functional impairment.  If you can reference medical records, that is very helpful. There is no guarantee that the administrative law judge will grant an expedited hearing, but it is worth trying.

    Occasionally elected officials will send a form letter (a dire need letter of sorts) to OHO to inquire about the claim and to ask for an expedited process.