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August 2021: SOAR for Children Process Intercepts, Build Your SOAR Toolbox: SSI/SSDI Post-Entitlement Events Guide, and Recognizing Same-Sex Couples Receiving Social Security Benefits  

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June 2021: Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Resources Overview, May Virtual Leadership Academy Recap, and SSA's Emergency Message for Evaluating COVID-19

May 2021: SOAR Eligibility: Guidance for Identification and Inclusion, SOAR Tools for Native Communities, and SOAR Webinar: Improving Equity and Inclusion in SOAR Programs

April 2021: Tracking Outcomes, Recognizing National Social Security Month by Honoring Mike Nolan, and Pay Equity for Social Workers

March 2021: Celebrating National Social Work Month, February 2021 Virtual Leadership Academy Recap, and Equity in Native American Communities

February 2021: Celebrating Black History Month, Expand Your SOAR Toolbox With Two New Articles, and SOAR Webinar on SSI for Children

January 2021: SAMHSA SOAR New Year’s Resolutions, SOARing With Native Communities: The Year Ahead, and November Virtual SOAR Leadership Academy Recap


December 2020: 2020 National SAMHSA SOAR Outcomes Issue Brief, Racial Equity Resources, and COVID-19 Resources for SOAR Providers

November 2020: 2020 National SAMHSA SOAR Outcomes Preview, SAMHSA SOAR Celebrates Native American Heritage Month, and Sharing Our Successes in Kansas and Texas

October 2020: Celebrate National Disability Employment Awareness Month With SAMHSA SOAR, Welcome New SOAR Liaison Sametra Polkah-Toe, and SOAR for American Indian and Alaska Native Communities

September 2020: SOARing Into Fiscal Year 2021, Transitions at the SAMHSA SOAR TA Center, and New SOAR Jobs

August 2020: Supplemental Security Income for Children Fact Sheet Series, In Case You Missed It: SOAR Webinars on SAMHSA's YouTube Channel, and Success Stories from CA and FL

July 2020: Demonstrate the Impact of SOAR: Enter Your Outcomes, Maryland Creates Coaching Program for First-Time SOAR Providers, Social Security Administration Working to Meet Customers’ Needs During COVID-19

June 2020: 10,000th Person Graduates from SAMHSA SOAR Online Course: Adult Curriculum, New Podcast! VA and SOAR: Income and Benefits Dialogue, and Article Examines Using University-Community Partnerships for SOAR Implementation as a Mechanism to End Homelessness

May 2020: COVID-19 Resources for SOAR Providers, Celebrate National Prevention Week, and Social Security and COVID-19

April 2020: Appeals Toolkit from the SAMHSA SOAR TA Center, April Is Social Security Month, Celebrate National Public Health Week with SOAR

March 2020: Unaccompanied Youth Brief, Updated and Enhanced SSA-1696, and the Orlando Leadership Academy Recap 

February 2020: Enhance your SAMHSA SOAR Toolbox, a Success Story from Kansas, and Partner Opportunities from GAINS and ARDRAW

January 2020: 2019 National SAMHSA SOAR Outcomes Issue Brief, SOAR Webinar Explores SSA's Sequential Evaluation,  and Two Success Stories from Michigan


December 2019: New Issue Brief on How SOAR Works for Individuals Involved in the Criminal Justice System, New Orleans Leadership Academy Recap, and SAMHSA SOAR Webinars on YouTube

November 2019: Previewing the 2019 National SAMHSA SOAR Outcomes, Hunger and Homelessness Awareness Week, and New SOAR Job Postings

October 2019: Build Your SOAR Toolbox: Two New Appeals Resources, September Seattle SAMHSA SOAR Leadership Academy Recap and Success Stories from Nevada and Virginia

September 2019: 10 Years of SOAR, September is Recovery Month, and Success Stories From Florida and Washington, DC

August 2019: SOARWorks for Children and Youth, Ohio Veteran SOARs with SSVF, and Virginia Strengthens SOAR Through Regional Partnerships with SSA and DDS

July 2019: SOAR 2019 Outcomes: Enter Your Data in OAT!, New Resource: Working with Justice-involved Persons: Frequently Asked Questions, and 2019 SOAR CJ Implementation Meetings Recap

May 2019: SOAR 2019 Outcomes: Every Person Counts, Welcoming New SOAR Project Assistant Kansinya, SOAR Webinar: Maximizing OAT Utilization for SOAR Outcome Tracking

April 2019: April is National Social Security Month, March Little Rock SOAR Leadership Academy Recap, Celebrate National Public Health Week with the SAMHSA SOAR TA Center

March 2019: New Publication in American Jails Magazine on Promoting Reentry Success through SOAR, SAMHSA SOAR Online Course: Adult Curriculum Passes 7,000th Graduate, Slides Available for SOAR for Children Webinar

February 2019: 2019 SAMHSA SOAR Criminal Justice Technical Assistance Awards, SAMHSA SOAR for Children Leadership Academy Recap, and a Reconsideration Update

January 2019: 2018 Outcomes Issue Brief Released, Make a Resolution for Wellness in the New Year, and Welcome New SOAR Liaison Dan Coladonato