Social Security Administration (SSA) Forms and Resources

Here are the SSA forms, links, and other helpful resources you will need to complete SSI and/or SSDI applications.


SSA Forms - General

These forms can be used for both Adult SSI/SSDI and Child SSI Applications
  • SSA-3288: Consent for Release of Information  (PDF)
  • SSA-827: Authorization to Disclose Information to SSA (PDF)
  • SSA-1696: Appointment of Representative (PDF)
  • SSA-8000: Application for Supplemental Security Income (SSI) (PDF)
  • SSA-8001: Application for Supplemental Security Income (SSI) - Deferred or Abbreviated (PDF)
  • SSA-3369: Work History Report (PDF)
  • SSA-821: Work Activity Report (PDF)
  • HA-1151 (PDF): Medical Source Statement of Ability to do Work-Related Activities (Physical) (PDF)
  • SSA-787: Physician's/Medical Officer's Statement of Patient's Capability to Manage Benefits (PDF)
  • SSA-1699: Registration for Appointed Representative Services (PDF)

SSA Forms & Resources - Adult

These forms are specific to Adult SSI/SSDI Applications. 

SSA Forms & Resources - Child

These forms are specific to Child SSI Applications

SSA Annual and Policy Updates



Justice-Involved Persons

Veterans Health Administration (VHA) Forms

  • VA Form 10-5345: Request for and Authorization to Release Medical Records and Health Information (PDF)

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