SOAR Webinar: 2017 Outcomes

On this webinar, held on February 27, 2018, the SAMHSA SOAR TA Center presented its 2017 Outcomes and highlighted incredible successes from across the country.

Join us as we present our 2017 outcomes and corresponding strategies for success!

Get answers to these questions:

  • With shrinking budgets and ongoing funding cuts, how have 24 states secured new funding and maintained 589 full and part time SOAR positions?
  • With increased demand and reduced staffing levels at SSA, what are SOAR providers doing to submit applications that are decided in 96 days on average?
  • How have our Top 10 States achieved an 84% approval rate on over 10,000 applications?  
SOAR has helped 40,311 people access life transforming benefits since 2006 and you'll hear from states and communities that have contributed to this success - it is not to be missed! 

Webinar Materials:

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