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Instructions for Completing the e-1696

Here are step-by-step instructions for completing the SSA e-1696: Appointment of Representative.

Completing the e1696

  1. Begin the e-1696 process at Click the "Begin e1696" button. Read the instructions carefully, agree to the privacy statement, and click "Start Application."
  2. You will be brought to the page below where you will enter email addresses for both yourself and the claimant, and choose a password. (Note: This password will be required to open  the e-1696 for signature. Be sure to share it with the claimant.)

Image of the e1696 account creation page
  1. Upon clicking "Submit," you (the representative) will receive an email from the Social Security Administration informing you that your signature has been requested.
  2. In the email you receive from SSA, click on the blue “Review and Sign” button. The fillable e-1696 opens in Adobe Sign. The document flags and highlights which sections you need to complete and sign.
  3. All sections of the e-1696 resemble the paper form. Only Section 6 has a slight difference. Note that the e-form requires you to check either “yes” or “no” for each claim type, unlike the paper copy which only requires you to check one box to indicate the claim type you are representing.
  4. Once all applicable sections have been completed, click "Submit." An email will be sent to the claimant instructing them to complete the same process for their applicable sections. Once the claimant has signed and clicked "Submit," the document automatically routes to the SSA office thus expediting the appointment process.

SOAR case workers should take note that the claimant only has 5 days to complete the form, otherwise a new e-1696 will have to be initiated.


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April, 2021

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