Housing Access and Stability with SOAR

This issue brief, developed by the SOAR TA Center, looks at the integration of the SOAR model into Housing First programs.

For individuals experiencing or at risk of homelessness, a stable place to live can be a crucial step on the road to recovery. However, without stable income, accessing and/or keeping housing is very challenging. This is especially true for people who have severe and persistent mental or physical illnesses. The SOAR process can assist eligible applicants with obtaining SSI and/or SSDI benefits, thus providing a stable source of income that helps maintain housing. 

Housing First is an approach that focuses on quickly accessing permanent housing and then arranging for the services necessary to retain that housing. SOAR can play a crucial role in the Housing First model given that recovery does not stop at housing. Having SOAR-trained case managers within a Housing First agency will facilitate expedited access to both income and health insurance. 

Read the full issue brief here: Housing Access and Stability with SOAR (PDF)