Criminal Justice Tools

Communities across the country are increasingly working to implement SOAR specifically in criminal justice settings to connect individuals with key income supports and other benefits, such as health insurance—playing a role in maximizing connections to essential care, income, and housing. These tools and worksheets are designed specifically for providers working with people in the criminal justice system to help them through the SSI/SSDI application process.

Infographic: SOAR Promotes Successful Reentry

SOAR can be a viable tool in reentry efforts for those who are at-risk for homelessness upon release from incarceration.

SOAR and Criminal Justice Infographic - Page 1     SOAR and Criminal Justice Infographic - Page 2

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The following tools were developed by Policy Research Associates in partnership with the National Reentry Resource Center with a grant awarded by the Bureau of Justice Assistance.

Identifying SOAR Applicants - Criminal Justice (DOCX):

Identifying adults who are experiencing or at risk of homelessness who may be eligible for Social Security Administration (SSA) disability benefits is an integral aspect of the SOAR model.  While we do not want to discourage anyone from applying for SSA benefits, this tool can help you identify individuals that most need your assistance with their application.

Sample SOAR Referral Tool - Criminal Justice (DOCX):

This customizable referral tool can help SOAR providers communicate to community partners what information is needed when referring a potential applicant to a SOAR program in a criminal justice setting.

SOAR Stakeholder Team Matrix- Criminal Justice (DOCX):

This matrix is a tool for identifying key stakeholders to take part in your SOAR Stakeholder Committee.  Stakeholders maintain effective communication between SSA, DDS, local leads, and SOAR case workers; discuss and resolve challenges that arise; identify technical assistance needs; and explore strategies for funding and sustainability.

Action Plan Template and Sample Action Plan (DOCX):

The action plan template is a  tool that can be used to collaboratively develop a state and/or local SOAR plan.  The goal is to improve (or create) a  SOAR Process for the submission and processing of SSI/SSDI applications and an action plan for implementing SOAR in the community. Participants identified in the Stakeholder Team Matrix will play a key role in the implementation process and will need the necessary authority to make any changes required to implement the goals identified on the action plan.