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ALJ Video Hearings

The Social Security Administration now offers a video option for Administrative Law Judge appeal hearings.

Online Video Hearings

The Social Security Administration now offers a new option for hearings! For those who received a denial on their application for Social Security Disability benefits and appealed to an administrative law judge, they may consider conducting the hearing through the new option of online video hearings.

Online video hearings are a secure way to conduct hearings over the internet, using a free platform called Microsoft Teams. The claimant and their representative, if one is involved, can attend the online video hearing safely and securely from any private place with a secure internet connection using a camera-enabled smartphone, tablet, or computer.

Social Security recognizes that other government agencies and organizations in the community are key to reaching claimants in rural areas, facing homelessness, experiencing mental illness, or lacking reliable internet connections. How can community partners help? Spread the word about online video hearings to ensure claimants know this is an option. Social Security hopes to increase physical location opportunities so that claimants who may lack the resource of privacy or internet in a home setting have access to a private space to participate in an online video hearing.

Please review and share this publication Online Video Hearings at the Social Security Administration from SSA for additional information. You can also watch this short video SSA Online Video Hearings and check out SSA’s Video Hearings Page to access a user guide and FAQs.