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Access to Housing and Services

Helping someone get approved for SSI/SSDI benefits is quite an accomplishment -- but it is not our end goal. A steady monthly income can open doors to housing, health insurance and other assistance.

The Road to Recovery

Accessing SSA disability benefits is but one of many stepping stones to recovery.

Recovery is

  • A personal journey of healing and transformation
  • Self-directed, individualized, empowering & holistic
  • Based in respect, responsibility, strength & peer support


While challenging, helping individuals to access safe and affordable housing is an essential part of our work.

  • Invite housing providers to be a part of your local SOAR planning group
  • Contact your local housing authority and develop a list of affordable housing options
  • Contact your state’s department of housing for additional resources and a list of supportive housing providers
  • Contact your local HUD Continuum of Care to discuss potential collaborations

The Transition

People who have experienced homelessness for some time are likely to benefit from intensive supports as they move into their own apartments. Find resources at SAMHSA's Homelessness Resource Center.

Other Services

Explore goals and aspirations with each person.

  • Help individuals connect with necessary treatment providers and primary care physicians to support ongoing health
  • Discuss the benefits and possibilities of employment; use the resources available through SSA (such as Ticket to Work) or through your state’s vocational rehabilitation department
  • Help dispel myths about working while receiving benefits (see Work Incentive information in the following articles)
  • Earning a GED, technical degree, or college degree are real possibilities


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