2017 National SOAR Outcomes

The SOAR TA Center has released the outcomes of SSI/SSDI applications submitted using the SOAR process from 2006 through June 30, 2017.

Over the last 12 years, the SOAR approach has been used to assist over 63,861 people who were experiencing or at risk of homelessness with applications for Social Security disability programs.
Of the applications assisted using SOAR, 65 percent, representing 34,919 persons, have been approved for SSI/SSDI upon initial application since SOAR began. An additional 5,392 persons, whose applications were denied initially, were approved on reconsideration or appeal.
Taken together, since 2006, SOAR is responsible for assisting 40,311 persons who were experiencing or at risk of homelessness to access Social Security disability benefits.
In 2017 alone, there were 3,563 approvals on initial application. Decisions on SOAR-assisted initial applications were received in an average of 96 days in 2017, a decrease of 5 days from 2016. The national SOAR allowance rate for 2017 is 64 percent. This compares to the initial allowance rate of 28.5 percent for all persons aged 18–64 who applied for SSI or SSDI in 2015.
We estimate that in 2017 alone, SSI/SSDI for the individuals served by SOAR brought over $356 million into the economies of participating states and localities.
Read more about SOAR in your state and successful collaborations in the 2017 SOAR Outcomes Issue Brief (PDF).
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SOAR 2017 Outcomes Infographic