2013 National SOAR Outcomes

The SOAR TA Center has released the outcomes of SSI/SSDI applications submitted using the SOAR process from 2006 through June 30, 2013.

Since SOAR began, more than 19,000 people who were experiencing or at-risk for homelessness have been approved for SSI/SSDI upon initial application through the SOAR approach. An additional 3,000 persons, whose applications were denied initially, were approved on reconsideration or

Taken together, since 2006, the SOAR approach is responsible for assisting 22,100 persons who were experiencing or at risk of homelessness to access Social Security disability benefits. The average approval rate on initial applications is 65 percent, with decisions received in an average of 100 days in 2013.

Fifteen states report that they secured new or sustained funding for their SOAR programs, including four states that created a total of 11 new full-time SOAR positions and two half-time SOAR positions.

Read the 2013 SOAR Outcomes Summary (PDF) to learn more about SOAR in your state and successful SOAR collaborations.